Banking for brands.
Zero baggage.

Looking for a headache-free way to embed financial services? Our end-to-end BaaS solution, built for the world's biggest brands, lets you scale fast, enter new geographies, and add new products with ease.

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Digital Wallet

Banking that blends beautifully with life

Our digital wallet fits neatly into your customer experience, making your brand an everyday essential, and bringing you and customers closer than ever before.

Increase everyday engagement

With a digital wallet, customers use your brand on a daily basis, creating opportunities for deeper engagement.

Make purchases a pleasure

Make purchasing your products and services pleasurable, not painful. Features such as single-tap payments improve conversions and aid loyalty.

People’s favourite features

Digital wallets come with popular features customers love, such as instant notifications and budgeting pots.

Designed for you

We work closely with you to design a platform around your specific requirements. Our network of local licenses meets the needs of a global customer base.

Debit Card

Reimagine what a card can do

Your fully branded card is more than just a debit card. It's a loyalty card, a ticket, a room key, and more - and it lives right on your customer's phone and in their wallet.

Create exceptional experiences

With our debit card, your customers can securely store any type of digital asset, from tickets, boarding passes to NFTs and more, all in one place.

Maximise convenience

Your customisable debit card comes in digital and physical formats and can be used online, in-store, and at ATMs anywhere in the world.

Stay top of heart and mind

With a card in your own branding, every single transaction is an opportunity to create an emotional connection with your customers.

Simplify customers' lives

As our debit card can be used for multiple accounts - such as personal, business, and even those overseas - it's your customers' one, multipurpose, card for life.


Making payments pain free

We take care of all your customers' payment needs, ensuring that bank transfers are smooth and open banking payments are PSD2 compliant.

Licensed and liberated

Be free from any payments complexity – as your licensed partner, we take the burden off your shoulders

Payments in sync

Payments sync seamlessly with the existing banking infrastructure, so customers can make and receive payments in the usual way.

New possibilities

Deploy payment innovations such as micropayments to open up new revenue streams.

Performance you can rely on

Class leading speed to change
New features in days & weeks, not months & years
Hyperscale transactional performance
Reducing operational costs for you & us
Support for millions of customers
Effortlessly scales to support your needs, wherever you are

Regulatory & Operational Services

Like banking, minus the baggage

As a licensed provider of financial services, we take care of all regulatory and operational requirements. We don't see it as a burden. It's an opportunity to provide the greatest protection.


We see to every aspect of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to support, so you can focus on your business.

Peace of mind

We shoulder all the regulatory and compliance risks, so you remain completely protected.

Total coverage

We have all the local regulations covered in the regions we operate, so you can quickly and more easily open accounts in other regions.

Insights & Analytics

Insights to help you grow

Your customers aren't the product. With Qorbital, you get a 360-degree view of spending & lifestyle habits, including purchases made with competitors, while protecting their privacy and security. It's a sustainable way to grow your business.

Tailor campaigns

Use insights from purchase data to tailor product and service offers to the right customers.

Optimise rewards

Gain insights into regular purchases and passions, including those outside your category, to curate relevant rewards.

Increase sales

Cross sell with confidence and increase your average revenue per user.

Privacy guarantee

We keep customer data anonymous, ensuring you continue to meet the highest privacy standards.

How it works

Here at Qorbital we believe in simplicity. We have adopted agile working practices which means we can respond quickly to the changing demands of your business. We have developed a fast, flexible approach to ensure the route to value for your business and customers is a straightforward one.


First, we collaborate with you to discover your business requirements and how our range of products and services can maximise engagement with your members and customers to really grow your business. Simple.


Next, we design a fully integrated, end to end solution with seamless customer journeys. This focuses on how your customers use your new financial services for enhanced experiences. Then, based on your business needs we develop a tailored delivery plan to make it happen. No problem.


Relax, we’ve got you. Frictionless implementation is what we do. Going live with us is just the start. We can manage your banking operations and help mitigate regulatory risk, we manage new and existing accounts, create additional services, handle your support queries and maintain your mobile app with the latest features to encourage heightened customer engagement. This leaves you to simply focus on your business. Easy.

Frequently asked questions

Questions? No problem. If you can’t find an answer to a specific question or query in the list below simply get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to support. We’re here to help…

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